Economic Contraband of Transnistria

Moldova and Transnistria

The political status of Transnistria is in conflict. UN member states consider Transnistria a legal part of the Republic of Moldova. Tiraspol functioned as the capital of the Moldavian ASSR, an autonomous republic which existed from 1924 to 1940. Considering that Transnistrians have dual or triple citizenship that includes citizens of Moldova around 300,000 people (includes dual citizens of Moldova and Russia (around 20,000) or Moldova and the EU (around 80%) of Romania, Bulgaria or the Czech Republic). There are unsettled border conflicts between Transnistria and Moldova. Their politics is considered as ""Mutli-party system"" and ""Unicameral Parliament"". Its legislature has 43 members which has been elected by single-member district plurality. The president is elected to a five-year term by popular vote. Transnistria's president since 16 December 2016 is Mr. Vadim Krasnoselsky. There is a disagreement over whether elections in Transnistria are free and fair. their political regime is decribed as ""super-presidentialism"". The Constitution of Transnistria was approved by the national referendum on 24 December 1995 and it was signed into law by the president of transnistria on 17 Januray 1996. It was modified on 30 June 2000. This constitution provideds a separation of powers between judicial, legislative, and executive branches. It names Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian as the three official languages of the republic. This grants each citizen of Transnistria the religious freedom , freedom of speech and right to property. There is a Law punishing the denial of the positive role of Russian Army. On June 27 2016 a new law entered in fore in Transnistria, Any kind of public statements including the use of mass media, networks telecommunications or internet. Any alligations or expressing disrespect towards the peace-keeping mission of the Russian Army or the positive role of Russian Army. Punishment is up to 3 years of jail for ordinary people or up to 7 years of jail if the crime was committed by a person of responsibility or a group of persons by prior agreement.

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